Treasure Your Money – Enrich Your Life

Treasure Your Money - Enrich Your Life

I do not normally write a blog post about books, but I am making an exception in this instance because I found a book online which literally changed my life, so I felt it was important to share it with all of the readers of our blog.

I went to school and got a normal education and learnt about all the usual stuff like how to read, write, paint, speak languages etc but there was no subject that taught me the basics of how to save, look after your money and whether it is best to have a credit card, cheque book or pay cash.

I would walk into the local clothing shop and be tempted by various posters offering me $100.00 free if I opened up an account. Little did I know that in reality there was no $100.00 free, because I found myself paying copious amounts in interest over the years for using the credit facility and so called easy terms that were on offer.

The same can be said for banks that offer credit cards, personal loans and the like. They made it sound like you could buy everything you ever wanted and you would just have to pay back a small amount each month. The annual card charges, interest and additional charges were all included in the small print if you ever got around to reading it. Inevitably you would only read the small print when you found yourself in trouble with the bank because you could no longer afford the monthly instalments on all those cards and loan accounts. By then it is too late because you are already caught in the downward spiral of debt and juggling which accounts to pay each month and which would have to wait until next month.

Anyone who has ever been in debt will relate to what I am saying. It is a sad story which ruins many happy marriages and families throughout the world. I was caught up in this life of misery and debt and found it consuming every waking moment by continually worrying about finances.

I eventually decided there must be a way to manage my finances in a smarter way and become debt free. I started searching online for potential books about finance and how to manage ones finances. The majority of books were all written in languages that only an accountant could understand. I wanted a book that was written in simple easy to understand English and one that I did not need a degree in accounting to understand.

I stumbled across a book called Treasure Your Money. Enrich your Life by L.E Schwab. I was blown away by this book. Firstly it was extremely easy to understand and not complicated at all.

It goes back to basics, things that the schools or our parents should have taught us. The authors aim was to advise readers on how to become debt free, have financial independence and how to look after their money and possessions. Throughout the book is helpful tips and hints on how to manage credit cards, how to save and how to get to the ultimate goal of paying cash for everything you purchase.

One simple tip that stays in my mind is the simple gesture of buying flowers for a friend. The author advises that instead of buying costly flowers which last a week at most, you should rather buy your friend a pot plant as they are generally cheaper, but more importantly is that they last a lot longer and can be planted in a garden, so your friend will have longer lasting pleasure from this kind gesture. There are many more tips like this one and all are about small changes that will save you a lot of money in the long run.

I can say with certainty that this book helped me go from a debt riddled existence to complete financial freedom. I now pay cash for every purchase and have managed to build up a decent savings account, simply by following the advice.

My only regret is that I did not read it sooner!!

I managed to find the link to purchase the book , which is only $24.00 Treasure Your Money . Enrich Your Life. Go for it ! You have little to lose and much to gain!!