Why Online Bingo instead of Local Bingo Lounges?

I have fond memories of when I was a child and my mom and dad used to take me down to the local Moths Club, which used to double up as a Bingo Hall on Tuesday and Sunday nights.

Of course I wasn not allowed to play Bingo myself, but as my dad was the bingo caller,he allowed me to turn the handle on the little machine that used to spit out the bingo balls.

This was the highlight of my week, especially considering I got paid for it. I can not remember the amount but suffice to say,to a kid it was a lot of money, and I considered myself lucky that I was the only kid in the neighborhood with a real job.

Of course in those days there was no online bingo sites like Gameon Bingo that you could play at, nor was there anything like bingo scratch cards.
The beauty of online bingo sites is that it makes bingo more accessible to the older generation, disabled people and anyone else who do not have the means to get to their local bingo lounge.

Many people say its not the same because they do not get to meet up with their friends for a good chat, however that is just it, You do get to meet up with your friends via the chat room, and the beauty of it is that you can chat to your friends everyday – not just once or twice a week.

That is just one of the many benefits of online bingo,but there is many more, such as the fact that you can play in your pajamas, no need to wear makeup, no driving or going out into the cold chilly nights, you will never miss a bingo again, because the software will automatically call Bingo for you if you happen to miss a number.

Bottom line is that online bingo is a great alternative to the local bingo lounge

Topboss offices Closing for Christmas

The Topboss offices are abuzz with activity trying to finish last minute projects before we close for the holiday season. Tomorrow is a public holiday, Thursday is our Christmas party and Friday is our last day.

The offices will be closed from 19 December and will re open on 11 January 2010, but that’s not to say the owners will also be on holiday. We will still be slogging through the silly season and will ensure that we won’t let any of our clients down, so feel free to contact us on our normal email addresses – you know what they are.

We would also like to take this opportunity to wish all of our clients, colleagues and friends a Happy Christmas and Prosperous New Year!!