Topboss Blog is born

Topboss Blog is born

This is our first post on our blog, so its best to start off with a bit of background information on the Topboss Group.

Topboss was originally started in 1999 as a partnership with 1 website – namely Topboss SA . A few years later Casinos Crazy, Casinos on the web and Sterling Sevens were launched . Over the years more and more websites were added to our network which now boasts over 60 websites with more being added monthly. You can view a list of all our websites here.

In 2005 Topboss Group registered a legal company and moved into office premises.

We have a staff complement of 7 and our team consists of Andy and Heather who are the owners, Jan who is our Office Manager and IT expert, Frank who is our Financial Manager and Shaun, Yolandi and Charlene who are our web designers.

We have a brilliant team who are efficient in all aspects of the internet business and without them we would never have achieved the success we have.

We pride ourselves on operating in a reputable and honest manner, we do not do any underhanded dealings, practice any black hat techniques and basically ensure that we maintain an impeccable reputation.

We are also members of GPWA ( Gambling Portal Webmasters Association ), CAP ( Casino Affiliate Programs ) and GIA ( Gambling Industry Association )