Latest News from Topboss Group

As always we have been very busy bees at Topboss. We have launched our first .co site – Go Slots which has some great slot reviews, including details about the new Lord of the Rings Slot – an exciting microgaming slot based on the popular movie with the same name.

We have also decided to venture into 2 markets that we have not ventured into before – The first is Topboss Affiliates which lists reputable casino affiliate programs. The reason we decided to start this website, is so that new affiliates in the industry do not get taken by the sharks in the industry. We have been in the affiliate industry for 10 years and during this time have come across numerous programs that simply rob affiliates by either not tracking their players, taking their players, not paying or simply closing down the affiliate program but keeping all the players delivered by the affiliate. A perfect example of this is Grand Prive. The purpose of Topboss Affiliates website is that it lists only the tried and tested and reputable programs, so new affiliates can be sure they aren’t going to get shafted if they sign up with the programs listed on the site.

We have also posted warnings on all of our websites about First Grand Affiliate program – namely African Palace Casino and Indio Casino. These guys have been up to so much bad stuff that they need a seperate post to explain all their wrong doings!!! Suffice to say – Do not touch them with a barge pole!!

The second market we are venturing into is the Sports Betting market. This is a whole new learning curve for all of us at Topboss, and we will be taking this venture slowly as we will be learning about the industry as we go along. The following 3 sites are all a work in progress, but I believe our designers are doing a pretty good job thus far! Sports Bet Online,   Sports Bet South Africa and South African Online Sports Bet.

Online Casino has had a revamp and is looking really good! Yes, We are a modest bunch at Topboss!!!

One of our older sites – Slots Crazy is in the process of being converted from Frontpage software to Dreamweaver. We will be very glad when these conversions are finally completed.

On a sad note – The casino industry is reeling from the loss of not 1 but 3 fellow webmasters who were all pioneers in our industry and will be sorely missed. Allen Leonard ( aka The Captain ) Lou Fabiano ( The Professor ) and Ted Lou ( Spearmaster ). These were great guys who gave so much to our industry and made the path smoother for all of us as they were all very vocal in what they believed in and were not shy to approach and put the spot light on affiliate programs that were not honest. RIP Allen, Lou and Ted.