Is this the Year that UIGEA is Repealed?

What exactly is the UIGEA? Here is an excerpt from Topboss Group which briefly describes what the UIGEA is ” On Friday 13 October 2006 President George W. Bush signed a law to deter terrorists from smuggling weapons into the United States inside shipping containers that enter the country from foreign ports each year. This is known as the Port Security Bill. Attached to the Port Security Bill was an unrelated provision – the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act ( UIGEA ) which prohibits online gamblers resident in the USA from using credit cards, checks and electronic fund transfers to place and settle bets.Whilst this bill didn’t actually make online casinos in the USA illegal, it did put a lot of pressure on the online casinos to find payment processors who were prepared to process gambling transactions from players resident in the USA, and unfortunately they are few and far between, so there was a number of online casinos that were forced to close their doors to USA resident Players”

Lets see what J Todd from APCW has to say about the UIGEA